logs and stones vacation rentals, LLC is the owner and

 Operator of these vacation rental properties

Logs and Stones Vacation Rentals, LLC was created to own and operate property in the mountains of North Carolina. Its goal is to offer quality vacation rental housing on property that is maintained as a nature preserve and de facto botanical garden. 

The Company's operations are a collaborative effort of two couples: Steve and Soony Pearson, and Doug and Betty McKinney. Steve is the General Manager of the Company and Soony is its Communications Manager. Due to Steve also working as the Director of the University of Miami's Gifford Arboretum, he and Soony spend part of the year in Miami, Florida but are present during the summer months and most holiday periods when they  come up and live in their North Carolina home near the Logs and Stones property. Steve and Soony love the beauty and tranquility of this area, and they want to share that with others. Even when they are not present physically in North Carolina, they are actively involved with this business and are ready to help you in any way that they can to help insure that you have a first class vacation experience. 

Doug and Betty are natives of the area and live close to the Logs and Stones rental property. Doug is the Company's Property Manager and Betty is its Hospitality Manager. Doug is part of a multi-generational family that has lived in the area for a long time, and he is a wealth of information about mountain living and culture. Betty makes sure that the Company's facilities are maintained in good order and clean condition for your use and enjoyment. Both of them are great people who will do everything they reasonably can to help you and make sure that the Company's high quality standards are maintained at all times.

If you have any questions about Logs and Stones Vacation Rentals or its properties, or about its rental policies and rates, please contact Steve Pearson by phone at 305-233-3619 or by email at Steve@logsandstonesvacationrentals.com. You can also contact Steve to book your stay at one of our cabins or the stone house. Upon booking he will provide you with the address of the property you are renting; instructions on obtaining your key to the property; and driviing directions on how to get there from where you will be coming from. Soony actively helps with these communications as well.

If you ever have any questions or problems while you are staying at our property, please call Steve or call Doug at 828-385-1881 for assistance. You should also contact Doug to arrange check out if you want to receive the return of your deposit at the time of your proper departure. Doug can also put you in touch with Betty if you are short of any supplies or if you want to discuss having any housekeeping services during your stay. Normally, no housekeeping is included in rentals and the cleaning fee is for cleaning the facility after your departure.

All of us are committed to doing our best to insure that your stay will be both fun and memorable. So, please come enjoy yourself and recharge in our quality facilities that are located on a beautiful property in a very beautiful area. We'll try to  get you as close to heaven as you can get in this world.

Our property is a special mix of terrains and not many places offer mountain views, open pasture, forested knolls, a spring fed pond, and a creek. But you can experience, explore, and enjoy all of those here. Our plan is to maintain the Logs and Stones property as a nature preserve while also planting out what will become a de facto botanical garden. Lots of interesting species have already been planted, and one of the things that prompted the land's purchase was its diversity.Our property affords a unique opportunity to feel like you have 'gotten away from it all', while having the comfort of knowing that if you need or want goods and services, or even medical care, they are not far away. Our facilities are perfect for a romantic retreat, or for anyone seeking to enjoy tranquility and natural beauty.

And PLEASE consider our property if you are a young family looking for a family get away. One of our motivations in starting this business was to afford young children the opportunity to explore and discover nature, and to run wild and free in a natural environment. Steve in particular enjoyed and benefited from this as a child living in Miami, but visiting the NC mountains during the summer. The childhood adventures he enjoyed during summers in the NC mountains were some of the best times of his life, and they changed and helped him develop in some important and positive ways. Unfortunately, the chance to explore nature is far from the realm of experience of many children today, and we hope you will consider affording your children these kinds of experiences at our property. Staying at Logs and Stones Vacation Rentals property can be a great opportunity for family adventure, and for re-bonding in positive and meaningful ways.